If the Fondation Carmignac has a key word, that word is "freedom". Over the last 20 years, the Carmignac collection has been built up with a pioneering spirit, flouting frontiers and taboos. Each acquisition is motivated by the craving for new ideas, the pleasure of diving into a unique universe, of allowing oneself to be captivated by the freshness and youthfulness of a new way of thinking.

To escape from conformity and the conventional, I just have to look at my accomplices: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring or Roy Lichtenstein. Their sensational colours, their powerful contrasts, their revolutionary departures, which have now become universal codes, are a clear source of inspiration and energy for the Carmignac teams and I: a constant call to selfcriticism, vigilance and lucidity.

These legendary works, pillars of the Carmignac collection, bear witness to an extraordinary epoch, influenced by one of the most powerful cur of subversion, one of the most powerful winds of freedom, that history has ever known. They inspire us with another way of seeing the world. They represent a new way of thinking.

By bringing the visual landmarks of the man in the street into the artistic sphere, Pop Art, at the core of the Carmignac collection, set a revival in motion. Since the creation of Carmignac in 1989 – pivotal year of the crumbling of the Soviet empire – the collection remains emblematic of new currents of contemporary creation. One single imperative : each work must trigger a new sensation, a rich and unique aesthetic emotion.

The desire to share these discoveries, which formed a coherent whole, prompted the creation of the Fondation Carmignac more than ten years ago. The Fondation Carmignac is dedicated to sharing the passion for contemporary art, including through the most recent expressions of the avantgarde. These works represent a spirit of open-mindedness – one of our core values.

Since 2009, the Carmignac Photojournalism Award expresses an even more solid commitment to this same principle of liberty, which goes hand in hand with the exceptionally high standards upon which the success of Carmignac is founded. We admire this tribe for the courage and tenacity that it demonstrates, for the emancipation that allows a wind of freedom to blow into our world that, a short time ago, almost imploded under the pressure of its own conformity. Its reports are absolutely indispensable mirrors held up to the contemporary world. Helping to defend the banner of liberty in this way is a cause rents that merits taking definite positions and, therefore, shouldering risks.

If there are bridges between the worlds of art, photojournalism (sometimes raised to the level of art) and asset management, those bridges are the state of alertness, independence of mind and autonomy that are crucial to all three.

Through these various forms of expression, the Fondation Carmignac is, for us, a new adventure in humanity whose meaning lies in its need to be shared.

The installation of Porquerolles, designed in harmony with the artist, is about to come into being. The site will demonstrate the openness and energy within us, in total respect of the natural surroundings.


Edouard Carmignac ©Fondation Carmignac







©Fondation Carmignac