Porquerolles site


The Carmignac Foundation is delighted to announce its expansion to a prime location: the unspoilt island of Porquerolles.


The island of Porquerolles, just south of the French Riviera in the heart of the Port-Cros National Park Reserve, was chosen as a setting for the Foundation, primarily owing to its exceptional insular location. The notion of travel encourages a break from routine, which enables visitors to be more receptive to their surroundings.

There are no cars in Porquerolles and the million visitors who go there each year have to navigate the island on foot or by bicycle. The passage of time being one of the assets that ease visitors into communicating with the aromas, open spaces and ambiance of the location. A mere 7.5km long and 3km wide, the island is on a human scale. The white sandy beaches with cliffs cutting into the turquoise sea, the woodlands and the paths are an invitation to explore, with our own site eager to play a significant role.

Our Foundation places artistic creation at the centre of a natural setting in an unprecedented way. Designed as a focal point to bring together the various movements in contemporary art in France and abroad, this exceptional site will become increasingly vibrant and open to the world as the paintings and sculptures created in harmony with their unique surroundings are added.