Talk at the Collection Lambert, Avignon on September 29 - Christophe Gin 6th Carmignac Photojournalism Award

23 September 2016

Collection Lambert - Hôtel de Caumont and Lawrence Weiner's work - Photo Franck Couvreur

Around the exhibition Christophe Gin - 6th Laureate of the Carmignac Photojorunalism Award, until November 6, the Collection Lambert and the Fondation Carmignac will organise on September 29th at 7.30PM, a Talk on the theme : How to exhibit Photojournalism?

Stakeholders : 

Christophe Gin, Photograph

Christophe Deloire : General Secretary of Reporters without Borders

Eric Mézil: Director of the Collection Lambert

Emeric Glayse : Director of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award


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