• 12November 2013

    Book launch | Spasibo by Davide Monteleone

    The Carmignac Foundation is pleased to present you the book Spasibo by Davide Monteleone, winner of the 4th Carmignac photojournalism Award, following his report in Chechnya. "He has crisscrossed the country, stopping in cities and villages, mountains and forests. This book contains neither m

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  • 10November 2013

    Robin Hammond | Exhibition at the Forum für Fotografie, Cologne

    Robin Hammond Zimbabwe: Your Wounds will be named Silence Forum für FotografieNovember 10 - December 22Opening: November 9, 4pm Click here for more information (in German) Forum für FotografieSchönhauser Str. 850968 Cologne, GermanyTel +49-221-340 18

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  • 8November 2013

    Photojournalism Award 2013 | Exhibition of Davide Monteleone at the Chapelle des Beaux-Arts de Paris

    The Carmignac Foundation is pleased to invite you to discover Spasibo, an exhibition of the work of David Monteleone, 4th winner of the Carmignac photojournalism Award, at La Chapelle des Beaux-Arts de Paris from 8th November to 4th December 2013. A book of the exhibition, published by Kerher Verla

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  • 4November 2013

    The Hidden Face of Chechnya, conference at the MEP on Thursday 14th November 2013

    Inspired by the Spasibo exhibition, the Carmignac Foundation hosts a conference on The Hidden Face of Chechnya, on Thursday 14th November 2013 from 14:30 to 17:30.  The conference will take place in the auditorium of the Maison Européene de la Photographie, with Isabelle Lassere (Deputy Edito

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  • 29October 2013

    Massimo Berruti speaks about the Carmignac Award

    Carmignac Award has surely been one of the greatest achievements in photography if not the biggest of all. To win such a wonderful price invests you of a lot of responsibilities as a winner and as a storyteller in general cause it really gives you the chance produce the story you want and next

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  • 28October 2013

    Recent acquisition | Yan Pei-Ming |october 2013

    Yan Pei-Ming, Born in 1960 in Shanghai (China), Faucon de Barbarie, 2013, Painting, 59 x 98 inches

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  • 11October 2013

    Robin Hammond | Exhibition at ISA - Istituto Superiore Antincendi

    Robin Hammond | Zimbabwe: Your Wounds Will Be Named Silence

    Zimbabwe: Your Wounds Will Be Named Silence curated by Marco Pinna. Zimbabwe has become a forgotten land. Today, with no light cast on the dark shadows of robert mugabe’s relentless tyranny, the downtrodden people of one of africa’s most hauntingly beautiful nations feel rightfully abandone

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  • 21September 2013


    The Festival " Les Iles d’Hyères, entre Nature et Culture" will be launched today by the Saint-John Perse Media Centre in Hyères. Events include various exhibitions and a series of conferences and talks illustrating the extraordinary wealth of the archipelago's natural and cu

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  • 17September 2013

    Massimo Berruti | Exhibition at the Maison de l’Image Documentaire

    Massimo Berruti invites you into the confines of the valley of the river Swat, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, to follow the daily life of the Lashkars, a civilian militia originally made up of ancient tribal warriors, who, in order to defend their people, and supported by the Pakistani army, pl

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  • 9September 2013

    Gaïa Donzet appointed Member of the International Committe for the Montblanc Prize 2013

    The Carmignac Foundation is delighted to share with you the nomination of Gaïa Donzet, Head of the Carmignac Foundation, to the committee for the Montblanc Price that will be organized ont the occasion of the Docks art Fair, the Lyons International Contemporary Art Fair. Montblanc is historically

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  • 3September 2013

    Recent acquisition | Gerhard Richter | September 2013


    Gerhard Richter,  Born in 1932 in Dresde (Germany),   Evelyn (Blau) / Evelyn (Blue), 1964, Oil on canvas, 41,2 x 51 inch  

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  • 5August 2013

    Recent acquisition | Albert Oehlen | August 2013


    Albert Oehlen,  Born in 1954 in Krefeld (Germany),   Kopie (FM 22), 2008, Mixed technique, 82 x 66 inch  

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  • 4July 2013

    Davide Monteleone | Winner of the 4th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award

    We are pleased to announce you that Davide Monteleone is the winner of the fourth Carmignac Photojournalism award. The theme proposed to photographers for this fourth edition was Chechnya, a country torn by extreme violence and still the theatre of tremendous human misery, even after two

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  • 4July 2013

    Robin Hammond | Exhibition at the Rencontres photographiques d'Arles Festival 2013

    After Milan comes Arles !  Winner of the third Carmignac Photojournalism Award in 2011, Robin Hammond chose to depict the humanitarian crisis affecting Zimbabwe, a land which is today immersed in chaos and poverty. He stayed in the country from December 2011 to May 2012, under extremely arduo

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  • 3July 2013

    Kai Wiedenhofer | Exhibition at the Rencontres photographiques d'Arles Festival 2013

    Since the summer of 2002, the Israeli government has been constructing the “Separation Wall” with the intention of cutting off Palestine and the Palestinians, violating international law as well as UN Security Council resolutions. Devised by Olivia Snaije and Mitchell Albert under the curatorshi

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  • 1July 2013


    First association between the Carmignac Foundation and the Centre Georges Pompidou, at the occasion of the retrospective dedicated to Roy Lichtenstein. For this event, the Foundation is delighted to loan Fishing Village, a painting that will be exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou until the

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  • 30June 2013


    New association between the Carmignac Foundation and the villa Noailles. At the occasion of the 8th Design Parade Festival, the Foundation is delighted to loan Dans l'ombre du soleil, a painting by Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson will be exhibited at the villa Noialles until the 29th Se

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  • 21June 2013


    As part of plans to open a new site in 2015 on Porquerolles Island in the Port-Cros National Park, just off the French Riviera, the Carmignac Foundation has selected architect Marc Barani to remodel the La Courtade villa, which will house the Carmignac collection. Marc Barani has recently received

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  • 17June 2013


    In keeping with the spirit of the Carmignac Gestion collection, the Carmignac Foundation is intended as a place of expression conducive to wonder and delight. The Foundation’s contemporary art centre and sculpture park in Porquerolles will combine artistic creation and the promotion of natural her

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  • 17June 2013

    Recent acquisition | Cindy Sherman | June 2013


    Cindy Sherman,   Born in 1954 in Glen Ridge (United States),   Untitled #296, 1994, Photograph, 64 x 44 inch  

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