Lee Bae |1956 , Born in Chung-Do ,South Korea

Lee Bae is an enthusiastic user of pure charcoal, and began working with this tool when he arrived in Paris in 1990. In 1992 he became an assistant to Lee Ufan, the South Korean painter, writer and philosopher, who persuaded him to use staples to stretch the canvases onto the frames. Several years later, the artist applied this technique to create work that is very delicate, almost graphic in nature.

Since the 2000s, Lee Bae has moved towards the use of acrylic in his work. Having filled the canvas with large brushstrokes of white paint, he adds broad dark gestures, fixed with resin, creating work full of contrast where black is the subject.

Living in Paris, he exhibits his work in France, the US and his native country.

  • Untitled 2003