Maurizio Cattelan |1960 , Born in Padova, Italy

Provocative and ironic, Maurizio comes from a modest family background. At the age of 17, he worked in a hospital morgue, and this particular setting continued to influence his work for years, with such pieces as La Nona Ora or Him, where a morbid fascination for death is portrayed with humour.

Having worked as a designer, he is at ease using different media, such as sculpture, photography, installation and performance, to create work that is nonconformist, paradoxical and innovative. He always manages to surprise the viewer. Indeed, Maurizio Cattelan is not content to stand still, and is continually looking for ways to break new boundaries as well as religious, and cultural taboos, to create a sense of disarray that is both funny and tragic.

In 2011, having been represented several times in the Venice Biennale, and following his retrospective at the Guggenheim in New York, Maurizio Cattelan decided to retire and founded a magazine called Toilet Paper.

  • Untitled 1998