Francesco Clemente |1952 , Born in Naples, Italy

Following a literary education, Francesco Clemente turned to painting as his major form of expression. Reacting to minimalism, he followed the " Transavanguardia " Italian avant-garde movement during the 1980s, using traditional methods of painting and printmaking. An interest in spirituality and non-European cultures led Francesco Clemente to travel widely in India, which gave his work the warm colours representing a love of life. His work is often accompanied by poems and texts which he creates at the same time.

He currently lives in New York ; his work is represented in the Guggenheim Museum, as well as in Paris, Naples and London.

  • Fifty One Days On Mount Abu : XXXVI, Sky 1995
  • Fifty One Days On Mount Abu : Hi Full Moon 1995
  • Fifty One Days On Mount Abu : XLIV, Silence 1995