Nicola Costantino |1964 , Born in Rosario, Argentina

Nicola Costantino calls herself a creator of objects, where the medium is simply used to produce something new and startling. Having worked in her mother's clothes factory, the Argentinian artist began to experiment with some of these items, by transforming bras, shoes and handbags using the motif of a breast, and mens' shoes with that of an anus ; in addition to wanting to surprise, she questions our limits and our points of reference. Obsessed by the idea of the double, she places herself in each of her photographs, slipping seamlessly into the skin of characters from masterpieces throughout art history, which she reproduces scrupulously, creating the scene once again, in a way that is both recognisable and disturbing.

Nicola Costantino lives and works in Buenos Aires, and her work is exhibited at MoMa and elsewhere.

  • Nicola Y So Doble Taller 2009
  • Nicola Artefacto Y Cupido 2010