Bernard Frize |1948 , Born in Saint-Mandé

Born in 1954 in Saint Mandé, on the outskirts of Paris, Bernard Frize is a French artist who investigates the act of painting. His abstract work is a real celebration of colour, and comes out of play between rules set in advance on how the work is to be produced, and an acceptance of accidents and chance. The paintings made blindfolded demonstrate this, as does the work produced by not allowing the brush to leave the canvas before the surface is completely covered (All Over Series, 1977). Thus, as a pictorial choreography, the production of the piece becomes a performance, not unlike the « process paintings » of Jackson Pollock and the abstract expressionists. It is the culmination of a medium that speaks for itself, where its trivial nature becomes experimental. Searching for neutrality,

Bernard Frize claims to belong to no artistic movement. Some consider him to be a conceptual artist, using paint as a ‘ready-made’, while others link him to the French group “Support/Surface”, for whom the subject is not of primary concern.

  • Ponctué 2008
  • Fractionné 2008