Jack Goldstein |1945 - 2003 , Born in Montréal, Canada

Jack Goldstein's art has its roots in sculpture and it was around 1980 when he turned to painting. Of Canadian origin, the artist worked between Los Angeles and New York during the 1970s, before becoming a linchpin of Pictures Group with Robert Longo, Troy Brauntuch and Phillip Smith. In his canvases, Jack Goldstein fuses elements of minimalism, the pop culture and conceptual art in images of natural phenomena, science and technology, to record a spectacular instant, where every detail has been captured and decontextualized.

Also renowned for his short films that are a haunting display of repeated movements, Jack Goldstein influenced contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo ; he is one of the most important artists of the 1980s.

  • Untitled 1983/84