Oleg Kulik |1961 , Born in Kiev, Ukraine

Artist, sculptor, performer, photographer, curator and even founder of a political movement to protect the environment and animals : Oleg Kulik is renowned for being one of the most profoundly radical artists on the Russian art scene.

Graduating from Kiev Art School in 1979 and Kiev Geological Survey College in 1982, he was awarded a scholarship by the Berlin Senate in 1996. He currently lives and works in Moscow.

In his work, which is exhibited around the world, the Russian artist aims to show the relationship between man and animal, and a return to the animalistic origins of the individual. To do this, Oleg Kulik has created a kind of alter-ego, suitably represented by the figure of a dog. His most notorious performances are those which show him nude and barking at a crowd (1997), or led around the streets of Rotterdam on a leash (1996). His work is both disturbing and provocative, with each image leaving an indelible impression in the mind of every spectator.

  • The Golden Egg 1999