Dinh Q. Lê |1968 , Born in Hà Tiên, Vietnam

Dinh Q. Lê was 10 years old when he emigrated to Los Angeles because of the war between Vietnam and Cambodia. He attended a visual arts school and graduated with a degree in photography. Despite living far away from his homeland, the artist has retained strong ties with Vietnamese traditions. It was through watching his aunt weaving baskets that he came up with the idea of weaving his own photographs. His large works combine different subjects to incite a range of emotions. He has always focused on the subject of war and the Khmer Rouge, and his work has a melodramatic atmosphere.

Today, Dinh Q. Lê works using different media: sculpture, video and installations; he currently lives between Los Angeles and Vietnam.

  • Untitled (Cambodia Splendor & Darkness Series) 2010