Edgar Martins |1977 , Born in Evora, Portugal

Originally from Portugal, Edgar Martins spent his childhood in Macao, China, where he studied philosophy, and at 18 years old he published a philosophical novel Mother, let me do the handstand. In 1997, he left China to study photography and fine art in London, where his career took off a few years later. His large-scale photographs portray the night and uninhabited, anonymous landscapes. The artist isolates buildings and places in today's society to give an impression of them as found objects. Edgar Martins' aim is to represent an industrial world in evolution, to witness its transformation as if watching a piece of theatre or performance.

Edgar Martins' work, which is both architectural and topographical, has won several photography awards including the Jerwood Photography Award and the International Photography Awards. The artist, who lives in London, has exhibited work in galleries and museums across Europe.

  • Untitled, Série "Reluctant Monoliths" 2009