Shirin Neshat |1957 , Born in Qazvin, Iran

Raised in a westernised family in Iran, Shirin Neshat went to a catholic school in Tehran before leaving her homeland to study history of art in Los Angeles, during the period of the Iranian revolution. Some time later, the artist moved to New York to work for a not-for-profit organisation where she developed her art, her views on femininity and American society. In 1990, when the war had finished, she decided to go back to Iran. The experience shocked her and prompted the creation of her first celebrated work: The Women of Allah, a series of photographic portraits of women entirely covered in Persian calligraphy. In her work Shirin Neshat explores the Islamic society, and in particular, the status of women in relation to religious and political forces.

Far from being an artist confined to a single discipline, she also produces videos and installations. Shirin Neshat became recognised internationally in 1999, when she was awarded the Lion d'Or at the 18th Venice Biennale.

  • Mahdokht (Woman Knitting) 2004