Vincente Pimentel |1947 , Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Initially a student of the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo, Vicente Pimentel then went to France where he obtained his final degree at the École d'Art et d'Architecture. Attracted by basic raw materials, he began painting on the floor of his first studio in San Carlos. His art is fuelled by memories of his childhood spent under the rule of Trujillo, in a working-class district of Santo Domingo. His abstract painting combines, in a lyrical fashion, the use of earth with warm pigments from the Afro-American culture so dear to the artist.

His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in France and around the world.

  • Untitled 1987
  • La Mémoire Souterraine 1989
  • Ballade Dans L'imaginaire 1989
  • Symbole De La Mémoire 1989