Carl Randall |26 July 1975 , Born in England

Born in 1975, Carl Randall is a British artist whose work is inspired by modern Japan. He initially studied painting and drawing at the Slade School of Fine Art and the Princes Drawing School, and from 2003 continued his studies at Tokyo University of Fine Arts before settling in the Japanese capital for some twelve years.

Carl Randall’s paintings reflect his environment: in London he became interested in the Anglo-Saxon architecture and used his eye for detail to compose figurative works that have a connection with the paintings of Edward Hopper. The portrait soon became a favourite subject that he perfected on going to Japan. Fascinated by this foreign culture, the visitor, as he liked to call himself, walked the streets with sketchbook in hand, capturing scenes of daily life. He abandoned urban landscapes in 2012 to travel along the Tokaido Highway, the legendary trade route connecting Tokyo with Kyoto, and created a series of highly colourful paintings with people at the heart of the compositions. This record of contemporary travel places the artist in the long tradition of Japanese masters, since as early as 1832, the master Ando Hiroshige recorded his travels in a series of woodcuts.

The work of Carl Randall has won numerous awards and has been exhibited notably at the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Portrait Gallery (London) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

  • Tokyo Portrait 2011