Bradford Washburn |1910 - 2007 , Born in Cambridge, United States

Explorer and mountaineer, Bradford Washburn began climbing the most well known mountains at the age of 16 years: Mont Blanc, Mont Cervin and Mont Rose. In record time, he became a professional mountaineer, publishing his first guidebook on American peaks, and discovering, at the same time, a fascination for photography. This tool allowed him to combine his love for mountains with his artistic interests, taking photographs of outstanding views.

Bradford Washburn graduated from Harvard University in 1933, and between 1935 and 1942 he was appointed professor of Geography at the Institute of Geographical Exploration at Harvard.

He founded the Museum of Science (MoS) in Boston, and was its director between 1939 and 1980, becoming honorary director in 1985.

  • After The Storm 1960