Russel Young |1959 , Born in Great Britain

Adopted by an English family, Russell Young was fascinated by America from a very early age, idealizing it as a land of freedom and Californian sunshine. Attracted by the arts, he went to Chester Art College to study photography, film and graphic design, before continuing his training at Exeter Art College. He then moved to London and became an assistant to Christos Raftopoulos who encouraged him to work on his own projects. The artist decided to undertake his first series of photographs about nocturnal life, clubs, concerts and portraits of people involved in the night world. In 1992 he left for Hollywood where he worked as a music video director, and before trying out other things, he continued to travel across America, exhibiting his work in cities along the way.

Drawing on this experience, he began the "American Envy" series of paintings in 2009, revisiting iconic American personalities, portrayed with a strong and rebellious feel.

A painter and photographer, Russell Young lives and works in New York and California ; his larger than life silkscreen paintings, inspired by images from history and popular culture are both striking and intriguing.

  • Marilyn In Korea 2006