Carmignac Foundation, sponsor of Basquiat exhibition, Museum Art Moderne, Paris 2010
©Fondation Carmignac

The sponsorship role of the Fondation Carmignac is intended to foster creation and to encourage and reward artistic talent at specific events and by awarding prizes. This entails supporting large-scale events and exhibitions in the art world.

Through its support, the Fondation Carmignac contributed to enriching and enhancing the cultural offering of the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, particularly in 2010 when it was the sole patron of a major retrospective devoted to Jean-Michel Basquiat. 


A constantly evolving multi-faceted approach

Since 2009, Carmignac has also sponsored the production of long-term photojournalism reports, which are the subject of the Photojournalism Award (which offers one of the highest financial rewards to date).

Charitable work

The Foundation, as the cornerstone of an ambitious policy, has extended its work to the charitable domain: in 2009 it partnered with the non-profit organization CARE and the NGO Human Rights Watch to support reforestation projects in Madagascar.

Aimed as much at those within the company as at the wider public, the works are exhibited according to international artistic trends in harmony with the Foundation's collection. Works may be loaned for prestigious exhibitions in museums in France and abroad.