Ascension | Hanibal Srouji

Ascension 2012 | Painting 48 x 40,1 Inch

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This painting is a diptych, made up of two separate, but very similar paintings. By changing the combination, the artist offers an almost infinite variety of interpretations, depending on the sequence of the pictures.

Here, the predominant colour of pale pink is embellished by perforations created by the artist and emphasised with the application of red paint, so as to produce a strange sensation of underlying violence in the viewer: the violence of wartime bombings.

To complete the work, Srouji added brush strokes in pale tones of green, orange, blue and grey, as if tiny fragments of powder have been deposited after an explosion.

Hanibal Srouji's art deals with nostalgia for his homeland and the impossibility of going back, after having emigrated at the beginning of Lebanon's civil war. He produces abstract works in which he explores the reality of war through his memories.

A poetic artist, he adds small details such as flowers and petals to his colourful, joyful paintings, to celebrate the life force and feeling of freedom. Here, the title of the work refers to the petals, stamens and filaments that float around in the wind in spring, before falling to the ground and enriching the soil. We are therefore in the intervening period, something like the moment suspended in time between two attacks in a war that brings an ephemeral lightness before the calm becomes a storm.