Bride (Deneuve) | Makoto Saito

Bride (Deneuve) 2007 | Painting 72,8 x 78,7 Inch

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Behind the various layers of colour in Bride lies the soft portrait of the French actress Catherine Deneuve. Created through the unique, magical style of the Japanese artist Saito Makoto, this face is the result of a precise juxtaposition of finely pigmented brush strokes, flowing into one another to give the impression of running water, as if the work were floating in a water droplet.

Saito plays on this transparency to alter characters' appearance. In a sense, he opens up the face scientifically, lifting the skin of his guinea pig-like subject to find what is inside: the flow and fluidity of thought, the essence of a human being; magnifying this through the use of acrylic paint and dense ink, which is predominantly used in oriental writing.

The three quarters of actress Catherine Deneuve's face that we can see show her looking serious: hair tied back, a hint of a smile, eyes down, elusive, in a way inviting the viewer to wonder what she is thinking, what makes her pensive, almost nostalgic.

With a background in graphic design, Saito Makoto has created a new language for his contemporary art: he deconstructs images from well known films as if they were being watched through the filter of digital or medical technology to give a deeper, more introspective view of the subjects he presents.