Clementine | Philippe Pasqua

Clementine 2010 | Painting 59 x 78,7 Inch

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Philippe Pasqua creates works that have an immediate impact. He likes to deal with characters who have disturbed, worrying expressions, which may come from his main artistic inspiration: Bacon. It was when he discovered Bacon's work that he decided to become an artist.

Here, Clémentine covers the whole surface, as if a large pot of ink has been spilt over the sheet. This woman's face, in its black, white and in places almost purple tones, with her head down and turned, is shown with both finesse and violence: at the same time, there is both strength and softness in the woman's gaze, giving us a feeling of sadness as well as nostalgia, like a literal and figurative slap.

The artist's simultaneous bold action adds violence to the work, laying the young girl's daily problems and worries on to the canvas with its raw, harsh realism. Philippe Pasqua works by series and is not only interested in nudes but also children with Down's syndrome and infants, spending a lot of his time in hospitals. He depicts bodies and faces after operations when they are still swollen from the trauma, revealing bumps and bruises. Going beyond the face, the artist wants to show the internal psychology that underlies the subjects and it is this that gives his paintings life and strength.

As a counterpoint to his painting, he works on sculptures with the human skull as his main theme.

Unveiled as unusual but majestic close-ups, his portraits seem to emerge from the canvas to impose themselves on the audience. In a reality in which billboards show us retouched bodies and faces, reworked into fictional perfection, Philippe Pasqua has the courage to introduce us to a world without tricks or illusions, where he shows flesh as it really is.