Composition (Mirande) | Dominique Coffignier

Composition (Mirande) 1985 | Painting 63,7 x 75,5 Inch

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Dominique Coffignier's art takes us into a universe where figurative representation is discarded and overtaken by powerful, tangible matter alone: the work does not aim to represent anything; the painting is a reality, a subject in its own right.

In Composition (Mirande), a red line divides the canvas vertically, surrounded by the square blue shapes typical of African dresses, and decorated by wavy brown lines, recalling the natural world and more specifically the branches of trees. The outline of the painting is also embellished with geometric, tribal decorations. Exuberant primary colours are used: red, blue, and yellow, together with white, grey and black.

Rather than a painting, it gives us the impression of looking at a piece of fabric capturing the African tribal vocabulary as used for wall-hangings or decorations and holy objects.

These various allusions to Africa, a land Coffignier adores, are also evoked through the violence of the gestures which lend the canvas its power through these extremely instinctive lines. Influenced by Antoni Tàpies, the artist also works with warm colours associated with simple geometric designs.

Above all, Dominique Coffignier's work itself becomes matter, turned into stone, fossilised, opaque, rough, sandy: it enables us to take a journey through a completely abstract landscape which, at the same time, is wonderfully expressive.