Concern for the spirit | Ryan Brown

Concern for the spirit 2013 | Mixed technique 84 x 74 x 2.3 inches

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This recent acquisition is a new direction for the Carmignac collection, being much more conceptual that other work in the collection. Ryan Brown is a rising star on the American scene.

« Concern for the spirit » brings together all elements of the artist’s work. It makes reference to auction catalogues through the use of numbers and title. However, Ryan Brown also plays with the idea of the construction and physical reality of the painting by using folds and assemblages, images that are deconstructed and reconstructed, pages that have been manipulated and placed one on top of the other. This idea is reinforced through a large diagonal through the centre that disrupts the balance of the piece, turning the canvas into origami. The forms are an abstract series of squares and rectangles represented in primary colours, which have a connection with the work of Roy Lichtenstein. 

The title positioned under the first blue square is “head of a girl”, imbuing the piece with an ambiguity that the artist plays on, and which prevents the viewer from making any interpretation. This also applies to the yellow square with quoted dimensions (300 cm x 300 cm) that bear no resemblance to the shape itself. Ryan Brown employs a wide range of methods and media to transform the piece, imitating the effects of ageing and thus emphasizing the idea of time passing and the ephemeral nature of the objects that surround us.