Dans L'ombre Du Soleil III | Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson

Dans L'ombre Du Soleil III 2002 | Painting 62,9 x 62,9 Inch

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Two chairs, a Venetian blind, a table and the ever-present shadow: this is the universe narrated by Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson in his work Dans l'ombre du soleil III. The Icelandic artist highlights primitive shapes in space which are recognisable through playing on appearances, duplication and reflections. He does not want to work with philosophical abstraction; there is no question of removing anything, on the contrary: here everything is described and marked by the sun, everything is involved in celebrating nature because light is the true subject of the work.

Pale, light colours are often found in Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson's paintings, creating a dawn-like atmosphere that envelops the spectator while giving a feeling of peace and tranquillity. In parallel, the scenes have a certain precarious aspect, similar to the instability and impression of mystery which we can find in our dreams, or on opening our eyes in the morning.