Faucon de Barbarie | Yan Pei-Ming

Faucon de Barbarie 2013 | Painting 59 x 98 inches

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This is rather an unusual piece in the artist’s repertoire, in that it represents an bird and not a human figure. The bird, a Barbary falcon, is shown in full flight, in a cloudy sky, and appears to be hovering proudly, looking for new territories to conquer.

This piece, Faucon de Barbarie, forms part of a series, and it is interesting to note that the animals represented by the artist are all predators – falcon, tiger, crocodile, wolf etc... This series can therefore be seen in relation to the portraits painted by Yan Pei-Ming of well-known leaders and influential people who have shaped history : Mao, Madoff, Obama... The importance of gesture for Yan Pei-Ming is evident here, in a work that conveys a sense of speed as well as a certain violence. Suggesting an aerial combat, as with fighter jets, Faucon de Barbarie appears to incorporate the desire to illustrate key events, questioning the relationship between humans animals, whilst also showing the natural state of wild animals, for whom ferocity and predation are essential to survival.