Fifty One Days On Mount Abu : Hi Full Moon | Francesco Clemente

Fifty One Days On Mount Abu : Hi Full Moon 1995 | Watercolor 27,5 x 20,8 Inch

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Fifty One Days On Mount Abu: Hi Full Moon is a landscape work split into two sections in which a single subject - the full moon, duplicated in positive and negative - catches the audience's eye. In this watercolour painting, a golden-skinned figure bathes in a sea rendered stunningly orange, perhaps by the reflected light of the moon, which in turn reflects the brilliant stars of the night sky.

This painting deals with the theme of tranquillity and well-being; it transports us to a hot and clear Indian night. Here, earth and sky, sea and sand are united with the human body in a sensory and primitive atmosphere.

Clemente has a very spiritual attachment to India, and it is a recurrent theme in his work, both visually and as a source of inspiration. When visiting the city of Madras in 1973, the future father of the "Transavanguardia" was drawn in and inspired by the deep and rich history of Hindu deities, Mughul painting, bronze statues, calendars and Kalighat painting (from a multicultural eastern Indian town famous for its temple).

Clemente regularly returns to India, and each day during a 51-day pilgrimage on Mount Abu in Rajasthan, north-west India in 1995, he painted a watercolour inspired by meditation and the monsoon season. For him, painting is a meditative and visionary activity that even possesses healing properties and is often linked to the ideas of narrative and journey.

Here we can appreciate the Italian master's artistic technique and imagination. He has used an eclectic range of painting styles and, in line with the Transavanguardia's spirit of movement, asserts his artistic license to be subjective and to express his own feelings in order to paint freely, figuratively and imaginatively. We, as the audience, naturally want to submerge ourselves in this picture with him.