I Know You Inside out | Marilene Oliver

I Know You Inside out 2001 | Sculpture 80,7 x 29,5 Inch

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I Know You Inside Out is the reconstruction of the silhouette of a 39-year old criminal, Joseph Paul Jernigan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment. Before his execution in 1993, he decided to donate his body to science, in order to become the Visible Human.

"Visible Human" is an American project begun in 1989 to build a database of detailed three-dimensional images of male and female bodies, showing their organs.

Marilene Oliver downloaded images from the internet of parts of Joseph Paul Jernigan's body, and printed them onto acrylic sheets before reassembling them as a Plexiglas sculpture. It is a little larger than human scale, with a height of two metres.

In doing this, the artist has created a work that is both ghostly and real, huge and imposing. This sculpture, without soul or skin, contemplates the viewer, while the viewer can be nothing other than mesmerised by this creature, which has such a detailed and physical appearance. We are face to face with a stranger, and at the same time, we think of ourselves, of our insides and organs; voyeurism is superseded by science and the existential questions that we might ask ourselves.

In this way, Marilene Oliver's work questions us, challenges us, and thus invites us to become involved.