Kbach Doh Chan | Dany Chan

Kbach Doh Chan 2008 | Mixed technique 39,3 x 78,7 Inch

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Kbach Doh Chan is based on a number of essential shapes from Thai culture: the lotus petal, the fig leaves found in pagodas, the flame. Here they are divided into more complex decorations as they are smaller. Dany Chan employs an unusual technique using wooden pencil shavings. This technique produces beautifully refined, elegant and delicate works, owing to their geometric repetition and the fragility of the method used.

The Kbach is a typical element of Cambodian architecture. The expression "kbach rachana" specifically refers to decorative shapes used on wood to adorn houses.

Dany Chan is one of very few young artists creating contemporary works by applying knowledge of this traditional discipline, and reinterpreting it in their own way.

He often uses materials that would otherwise be thrown away, and reuses them as the main medium for his art. This practice requires repetition and patience, qualities that are epitomised by the traditional masters, such as artisan experts in silk weaving, a tradition handed down through apprenticeship and meticulous study.