Lluvia Y Tormento : El Diluvio I | Miguel Rothschild

Lluvia Y Tormento : El Diluvio I 2011 | Mixed technique 45,6 x 63 Inch

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Lluvia Y Tormento: El Diluvio I (Rain and Storm: the Flood 1) presents a storm, probably at night given the architecture in the bottom right and the trees with their wind-shaken leaves, transformed into black silhouettes under a dark grey sky, full of clouds, yet it does not appear gloomy or sad.

Indeed, Miguel Rothschild guides us through a poetic universe in which rain is depicted to the audience through vertical perforations, forming a pile of blue confetti at the bottom of the piece inside the frame. The artist is sending a message full of hope: once the rain has fallen, the blue sky will reappear, leaving puddles on the ground to reflect the blue sky.

Recently, the Argentine artist has concentrated on producing works whose three-dimensional nature is provided by unusual items pinned to photographic material. Staying true to traditional media such as photography, he seeks to revitalise this genre and go beyond the boundaries of the chosen medium so that we too can surpass ourselves in our interpretation and imagination.