Los Pajaros | Miguel Rothschild

Los Pajaros 2012 | Mixed technique 43,3 x 60 Inch

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Los Pajaros (The Birds) obviously refers to Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 film of the same name, stills from which are used as the main influence for the work.

The image of the church on a small hill, the surrounding fence and the couple running away from fierce animals belong to Hitchcock's cinematographic imaginary domain; here, the artist has darkened the still to bring out the coloured birds affixed to the photograph.

Getting closer to the work, we can see that Miguel Rothschild has given it a remarkable three-dimensionality: each bird is placed on a pin stuck in the photo, playing on the relief and shadows of the birds, giving them an even more threatening side and almost doubling their presence. And as they are in the foreground of the work, they appear so much bigger than the distant couple with their backs turned, leaving the birds as the only truly primary subject.

Born in Buenos Aires, the artist often draws inspiration from the spiritual and even here, picking up on a fragment of Hitchcock's film, he has chosen a Christian image with a church, striking a balance between an iconic religious subject and a well known feature, playing with different media to create a unique work, offering us a new alternative view or interpretation, as if to invite us to explore a place or subject that we thought we already knew in greater depth.