Mi Ego Es Grande Como Tu Culo | Juan Manuel Kogiso

Mi Ego Es Grande Como Tu Culo 2010 | Painting 39,3 x 59 Inch

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In 2010, Juan Manuel Kogiso's entry for Curriculum Cero, Argentina's national competition for visual artists, stood out for its acerbic and provocative humour.

The artist submitted a work with a self-referential title: Mi ego es grande como tu culo (My ego is as big as your arse). Kogiso covered a metal advertising panel in white paint, hiding all the information underneath, and then inscribed his surname on top in big blue letters as if it were a leading brand.

The competition that discovered Kogiso is organised every year by the Ruth Benzacar Gallery, and aims to find and promote young local artists.

All the artists play a part in the artistic rediscovery of the country, to help boost the economy and grow the market for their work. Thus, in reappropriating an everyday object that had been thrown away, Kogiso aimed to convey a strong message. A message of hope and renewal.