Mona Al Ashqar | Kai Wiedenhöfer

Mona Al Ashqar 2009 | Photograph 35 x 23,2 Inch

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Mona Al-Asqar, 19, was injured during an artillery strike on the UNWRA School in Belt Lahia on 17 January 2009 at about 6.30 am. She was operated on in Shifa Hospital and later by a team from MSF. A journalist of Arte reported on her and a French organization brought her to Charlesville for physiotherapy, together with her father Salah, 36. She received a provisional prosthesis and will go back to France to receive the final one. Her left upper arm was also heavily injured and burnt. The movement of the hand is limited and she has no feeling in the thumb and one finger. She also received physiotherapy for this arm. Her aunt, Anjud Al- Asqar was injured in the same event.