My Life | Makoto Saito

My Life 2006 | Painting 62 x 82,6 Inch

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Trained as a graphic artist, Makoto Saito draws inspiration from portraits of famous people. Here, Jean-Luc Godard is the subject of this large painting.

The Franco-Swiss film director is shown in an iconic pose with a cigar poised at his lips as he takes a puff, emphasising the redness between his fingers. We also see his large glasses and grey hair.

The features of his face are blurred and unrecognisable, made smooth and aqueous by the Japanese artist's remarkable technique. Indeed, the colours - light green, pink, red and grey - run into one another, creating pigmented waves with almost supernatural fluidity, forming the whole of Godard's face.

Saito wants to look beyond the body's outer layer and get under the skin to explore, delve into and expose each of his characters' most intimate thoughts. To do this, he relies on new visual technologies, banishing matter - in its strictest sense - from his paintings: surfaces are complex but flat, he shows internal networks hidden under the skin, he shows people at their most sensitive to give us a better understanding of what happens inside our bodies and our heads, combining physical, visual and physiological sensations.

In this way, the Japanese artist creates his own identity in contemporary art while remaining loyal to traditional supports such as canvas, brushes and paint.