One for the Public, One for the Private | Richard Prince

One for the Public, One for the Private | 2005-2006 | Mixed technique | 68.5 x 58.5 x 5 inches

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In his work, Richard Prince regularly borrows stereotyped symbols of viril America: bikers, nurses from the covers of pulp literature, cowboys riding in the Far West, and muscle cars, as in this artwork. The subject evokes the desire for speed and extreme sensations, the taste for challenge and discovering new horizons.
This piece is one of Prince's Hood Sculptures, which he has been making from the end of the 1980s with muscle car hoods, ordered from stores specialised in auto body parts. He then paints these industrial pieces and mounts them onto pedestals or hangs them on the wall. This approach recalls that of Marcel Duchamp and his ready-made, mundane objects given the status of works of art.