Pepe Grillo | Andres Compagnucci

Pepe Grillo 1997 | Painting 43,3 x 59 Inch

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Andres Compagnucci is an Argentine artist who, in the spirit of Pop Art, seeks to reproduce popular images of contemporary society. As such, his subjects often include cartoons, tourist souvenirs and rubber dolls, which he sets against abstract backgrounds of decorative or floral motifs.

Here, he uses the image of Jiminy Cricket, taken from Walt Disney's Pinocchio, to produce a highly detailed and realistic painting. Andres Compagnucci places Jiminy Cricket against a fuchsia pink floral background; the character at the centre of the painting has been executed to the finest detail: elegant clothing, an umbrella, a top hat.

However, Compagnucci does not aim to create a carbon copy of reality: when extracted from their original context, images are distanced from their initial function and become archetypes of a consumer society. Thus, the targeting of children in marketing is condemned by creating such a fictional character, while retaining a bright and colourful backdrop.

Finally, the artist, who has a background in design, employs the technique of "photorealism" in his work, enabling a visual piece to be produced that is so detailed that we might believe it is a photograph and that therefore leads us to once again question our own perception of reality.