Portrait d'Edouard Carmignac | Philippe Pasqua

Portrait d'Edouard Carmignac 1997 | Painting 63,7 x 45,2 Inch

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The chairman of Carmignac Gestion is depicted as proud and bold in this portrait. Starting with a rather formal pose from the chest up, Edouard Carmignac is looking at the viewer with a faint smile on his red lips, reflecting the red background, which reminds us of older, more formal portraits adorned with long draperies and stained red veils. To complement this colour, the artist has chosen to show Mr Carmignac in a green shirt, also the colour of the company, without a jacket but with a black tie to add a touch of rigour.

This large work was a Christmas present from the company's fund managers to Mr Carmignac in 1997, as we can see under the portrait where the date is written - a reminder that the artist worked from a polaroid to create the portrait.

A self-taught painter, Philippe Pasqua based his very first works on photographs rather than a living model; today, he still uses photographs to capture an expression, look or gesture, depending on the composition.

Philippe Pasqua likes to handle his subjects with strong, well-defined brush strokes. His faces, which are so realistic in detail but distorted in their application, are sculptured and highly expressive; he focuses on bodies and faces without any decoration or other external feature.

In this work, the painting is both tense and thick; it gives us the impression of almost wanting to penetrate the protagonist's skin to discover his intimate thoughts, even without knowing him.