Seated Crowd | Wayne Gonzales

Seated Crowd 2007 | Painting 50 x 50 Inch

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Seated Crowd is one of the paintings from the most famous series in Wayne Gonzales's career: based on a visual found in a magazine or on the internet, it shows a crowd sitting in a theatre watching the person taking the photo and, as a result, the spectator. The latter does not know whether the scene is of a political, religious or sporting event.

Transformed into a black and white image with fuzzy, blurred outlines, Gonzales creates a graphical painting revealing an impression of fields of abstract colours through which human figures slowly and gently emerge.

The realism of the photograph is transcended and it is impossible to date the event we see. It is on the boundary between abstraction and representation.

Wayne Gonzales' childhood was marked by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a frequently recurring episode in his artistic work. The artist brings his interest in US political history to his canvases, endowing this with a mysterious aspect and a conspiratorial atmosphere.

Inspired by photographs of real events, the artist reveals his taste for what is hidden and at the same time underlines the public's power as a major witness. Through his ability to reinterpret images found and to render them more abstract, he challenges the ways in which we receive and analyse visual information and, in so doing, his paintings provide new psychological insights.