Shark Bite | Joe Goode

Shark Bite 2014 | Mixed technique | 96 x 96 inches

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A real celebration of California’s golden coast, the monumental landscapes in the Flat Screen Painting series relate to the genre of marine painting, while also playing with the spectator’s perception of the scene. By painting on surfaces made of fibreglass mesh, Goode questions the impermeability of the painting’s surface, with the deep-sea blue appearing to disintegrate as the spectator approaches. From a distance, this is a figurative painting where the blue of the sky converges with the sea’s deeper hues. However, as soon as we venture closer to the Flat Screen Painting, the colour pixellates like the background of a digital screen. The artist invites us to start seeing rather than just watch passively as the artifice reveals itself with a touch of humour : a violent shark bite exposes the material used. The artist’s destructive impulse, seen in the scratches to the painting, combines with a reflection on the representation of reality. Finally Shark Bite refers to the melodramatic Series B schemes on the West Coast of America, displaying the influence that Pop Art culture had on the artist.