Time To Get It Together | Ray Richardson

Time To Get It Together 1999 | Painting 67,7 x 29,9 Inch

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The work Time To Get It Together by English artist Ray Richardson opens the viewer's gaze to a scene that brings us so close to the subject that it could be from a film. There are four mixed-race men and a young woman in a white car; leaning against the vehicle is another man, perhaps Moroccan, looking into the distance, smiling. A suburban backdrop, with a plane low in the sky, leads us into an imaginary American South.

What are the relationships among these characters? Why are the car's front passengers the only people smiling?

There are no clues, apart from the title. A great music lover, Ray Richardson has given this work the title of a Marvin Gaye song, which is about a man trying to find his way in life, but nonetheless appreciating every second.

Each of Richardson's works is a mirror on contemporary life that stems from the artist's experiences.