Untitled | Guillermo Kuitca

Untitled 2011 | Painting 152,3 X 78,3 Inch

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Snow-capped mountains, the play of reflections on water, foliage on a tree, or perhaps the strategy game, Risk? This work by Guillermo Kuitca may be perceived in many different ways. As the spectator has no title by which to be guided, this work is an invitation to imagine, to go on a journey.

Like a puzzle in which various splashes of colour blend together on an imposing canvas nearly 4 metres high: pink and fuchsia combine with blue on a shadowy black background while a green shadow seems to move forward and spread imperturbably to the left. The hidden movement within this work gives the spectator the impression of being in front of an undecipherable map in which the very colours and subject seem to act as camouflage. However, it really is a map: ruins, the shapes of buildings, a feeble natural world, tracks and roads can be discerned but do not serve to guide us. This is where all of the ambiguity of the artist's work lies: he shows us maps to help us lose our way!

In this sense, Guillermo Kuitca's paintings are stories, paths through his strata of paint and of colour, through time and through memories being formed.

His maps, inspired by the field of architecture, are both disturbing and marvellous, guiding us through our own personal world and our reminiscences, while inviting us on a voyage of discovery.