Untitled | Jack Goldstein

Untitled 1983/84 | Painting 96,4 x 96,4 Inch

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In this painting on canvas - which could be mistaken for a photograph - the black outline of a skyscraper is positioned in the centre of the lower half of the painting, simply set against a broad, dark, stormy background. The tower is struck violently by lightning, dividing the canvas into two parts with other lines of light and electricity nearby, the illumination of the sounding thunder thereby bursting through and out of the work. The work and its subject are seen in a flash!

The spectator, whose eyes are drawn to the fully-illuminated tip of the skyscraper blending with the flash itself, is almost able to hear the noise of the storm; the centre of the painting is then revealed as the only bright point within the scene.

A conceptual and performance artist, Jack Goldstein's artistic work evolved towards painting only after 1980. It is direct and yet impersonal through being obsessed with detail and its decontextualisation.

Jack Goldstein blends elements from minimalism, pop culture and conceptual art with natural, scientific and technological phenomena in order to create a moment of spectacle.