Untitled | Jus Juchtmans

Untitled 2004 | Painting 35,4 x 47,2 Inch

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Jus Juchtmans' works could be mistaken, at first glance, for monochromes: that would be a reductionist view of his work! The artist's work is complex and meticulous, based on the relationship between temporality and aesthetics, between creation and perception.

Jus Juchtmans' art is highly varied and never unambiguous: his technique enables him to create paintings intended as mirrors. In this piece, in its hues of azure and turquoise, as you face the canvas and once your eyes have absorbed the main colour, you can gradually see that behind it lie multiple hidden colours such as the greyish pink in the bottom right of the painting, for instance. Without rejecting the idea of monochrome or of minimalism, the artist wants to show the importance of temporality and to incorporate it as a basic component of his work.

The Belgian artist produces his paintings in several stages: first, he mixes the pigments and acrylics in order to obtain a variable colour; then, he starts to paint, overlaying strata of paint on his medium, without following precise rules, allowing time to elapse.

When the simple, powerful work is complete, the final element needed to complete it is the spectator. The spectator is not a part of the work created, but is vital as a receptor. Spectators bring Jus Juchtmans' paintings to life, transposing their face and viewpoint into the work: the aesthetic experience takes place through the experience of time and of the body, transcending the conceptual, the work becomes a part of the space.