Untitled XLIII | Willem Kooning (de)

Untitled XLIII 1983 | Painting 77 x 88 inches

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Willem De Kooning occupies a pivotal place in the history of art. Throughout his career, the artist moved between abstraction and figuration, alternating between the two, often at odds with the dominant trends of the time.

Untitled XLIII was produced towards the end of the artist’s career, in 1983. It forms part of a series in which he worked on two different formats allowing a variety of effects and rhythms and the abandonment of all illusion of depth and volume.

What characterises this work is its energy and the vigour of the imagery. With a lyrical and idyllic quality, the use of colour infuses the painting with space, with large white expanses adding luminosity and conveying a sense of calm. The serenity of de Kooning’s painting is an invitation to contemplate, and often referred to as a « rose de Kooning ».