Vapors | Jin Meyerson

Vapors 2003 | Painting 59,8 x 72 Inch

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Vapors represents a sporting event, possibly a football match, which is manipulated and twisted using computer techniques, producing an effect that is reminiscent of looking in a distorted mirror. The works of South Korea-born artist Jin Meyerson are based on images taken from newspapers; they are therefore static images, in which movement has already stopped. It is at this point that the artist's imagination takes over: by giving these documents a new life, he arouses feelings of confusion in the presence of the unknown and yet of resonance as we delve into and recognise the original image.

This multi-faceted, semi-abstract painting in reality hides a paean to the beauty of movement in a burst of extraordinary colour. Its palette of pop art tones, with almost a kitsch-like quality, creates a rhythmic work that gives the viewer the impression of being inside a whirlwind of colour, where the geometric rules and order have been replaced by irregularity and timelessness.

As a general rule, the disasters of our time are the first source of inspiration for Jin Meyerson: war, bombings, traffic, plane crashes. The artist reformulates images of this contemporary life where chaos reigns, by following an imaginary wave through his creative psyche and linking it to the 24-hour media that surrounds and influences us.